Social Media Agency Vs An Employee To Manage A Company’s Social Media


   The beauty of social media is that it is very easy to pick up. It is design in such a way that almost anybody can set up an account and get started. The problem is that most brands and companies suffer a disconnect. That is, plenty of brands and companies do not want to be that snake oil-selling brand/company. And while they may feel strongly about that, the reason brands and companies must self-promote is a simple one; if they do not talk about their brand or company no one else will. What complicates matters for brands and companies, social media and the relationship between the two is what happens when inexperienced employees  pick up a megaphone and blindly go about promoting into a void. As you might imagine, things can go horribly, horribly wrong. That’s were social media manager come in, let the professional do it.


    An experienced social media marketer has honed the Facebook newsfeed algorithm changing pattern. Social media platforms are constantly evolving and competing with one another for users and advertising dollars. They want to keep their users newsfeed from being bombarded with advertisements while at the same time, satisfy advertisers need to target these same users. It is a tension that social media marketer understands and have mastered the treacherous social media terrain. The learning curve mountain on social media success is high. It is time consuming, it is technology complex and requires a hybrid of skill sets. The social media marketer needs to be a skilled writer though not in the author, journalist or ad copy way. Is familiar with basic graphic design capability without having to be an actual graphic designer graduate. On the technology know how, the social media marketer needs to be knowledgeable about digital, website, and internet terminology.  Furthermore, the social media marketer needs to have analytical ability to be able to read performance reports on their social media performance and be able to interpret those reports and put them into context. Not to mention, the social media marketer success relies on time management, social media strategy and planning. The last trait needed for a social media marketer extraordinaire is innate creativity and that is a talent you are either born with or not. Print

            How can an employee juggle their day to day duties against the feeding of the monster: the constant demand for the social media consumers need social media content? The employee does not have the time nor the social media experience or education to do both. Companies and brands face the reality that social media continues to grow and their departments need to grow with this new media by hiring an agency or a social media marketer.

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