Mobilizing Facebook And Instagram Marketing For Summer

Summer is a season for people to connect with their families and friends, stay active and feel good. And mobile has created opportunities to stay connected beyond the moments we share in person. Keep reading for data and insights about Summer 2016 on Facebook and Instagram.

The Mobile Factor

7.5% Desktop vs 92.5% Mobile

From May through September 2016, 12.38x the Summer-related conversation in the US took place on mobile versus on desktop.


The 2016 Summer season’s top Facebook check-in categories in the US.



Topics Of  Conversation



last onefamily

 Conversations In Instagram

Top hashtags of the 2016 Summer season in the US.


                     When People Share

man and bike

Key Summer 2016 moments on Facebook and Instagram in the US.






Tap into Summer passions and seasonal cadence to deliver the right call to action at the right time. Consider that Loved Ones, Recreational Activities and Health and Beauty topics are dominant across the board, but different demographics have nuanced conversations. Maximize the impact of your campaign by trying out different creative messages and measuring results.

SourceFacebook data, US only, 18+, May–Sep 2016.
* Comparisons proportionate to each audience’s overall conversation.



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